There are plenty of men out there who would love to trade places with Bally Singh and the lavish life he’s living. All Bally Singh does, is party – day in day out. His life is to party, to eat the best foods, to enjoy the greatest drinks, and knowing how to spend his tremendous amount of money on nothing but fun.
For any normal person, living like this for even one month means utter doom for your bank balance. But Bally Singh is not any normal person. For Bally Singh, partying is his actual job. This is probably the main reason why he’s called the most interesting man from India.
The clients who hire him to hang out with them like this are also not small fish. Bally Singh gets to hang out with Sting, rapper Nelly, and many other big names in the list of celebrities. All Bally Singh needs to do, is add fun to their parties and events. The more he’s liked, the bigger his bank balance gets.
To celebrate this, Bally Singh bought to Ferraris. Did this harm his bank balance? No one knows, because he didn’t even bother to check it out, but that says enough.

Before you get jealous, best keep in mind that Bally Singh has worked hard to get where he is now. He’s now 42 years old, but has been trying to make a living out of parties since the age of 16. That’s young, but he did manage to pull it off eventually by organising events. It was only a matter of time before the first celebrities gave one of his events a shot, and that ultimately lead to the success he has today.

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